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Apartment Billing Services
Since Utility Billing is often out-sourced by Property Owners and Managers ,
American Accounting & Billing Service (AABS) offers invoice processing and mailing,
collection services, sub-meter installation.  If you prefer to avoid the cost of
sub-meter installation, we can set up a
RUBS utility billing system to allocate utility
usage.   RUBS billing is one of the most popular ways to recover utility costs. We offer
a customized programs that will meet your specific needs.
On-line Bill Pay and eBills
for the convenience of your residents is now offered due to popular demand.  

Our software can be easily interfaced with property management
software packages such as
Yardi, AMSI, Rent Roll, and more, for easy communication
and down-loadable files.   Our staff will help you introduce a billing program to your
residents by sending introductory letters to explain the billing process and how it will
help to conserve water.  We also offer collection services for those who would rather
focus more on property management.  We will help you manage the costs associated
with utility usage in multi-unit properties such as apartments, condominiums, College
Dorm Housing, shopping centers, manufactured housing communities, trailor parks, golf courses, warehouses and offices.

With our constant emphasis on
customer service, AABS has responded to a global need in the energy management business...

AABS introduced an enhanced billing platform, STS v9.2 in 2007, featuring powerful billing and payment processing options streamlined to fit any
reimbursement utility billing requirements.  The new, enhanced billing system can be customized to accommodate apartment and condominium
billing, municipality billing, and other complex housing communities such as college dorms, mobile home parks, and military housing.  

Multiple charges and utilities can be converged onto one billing statement without limits.  Billing charges may included water, electric, gas, trash,
washer / dryer hookups, street lighting,  Our new system allows real-time access for residents and managers to view and make payments online.  
Each community in a portfolio can be customized with its own reports, billable charges, and billing methods. The system conveniently interfaces
with AMR systems and property management financial software allowing for total integration of billing charges.  In addition, managers can process
and print move-out bills on site and post payments received with quick, user-friendly online access. Our billing system is available for use in the
U.S., Canada, and the Phillipines.  
AABS billing system has received rave reviews from property managers for its ease of use, flexibiltiy, and
extensive reporting features.  
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Rent                 Trash               Pets

Parking            Internet            Cable
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Lowest fees in the industry    
Customer Support Team on duty Monday
thru Friday.
All calls answered by a "live" operator.
Reimbursement checks are delivered to the
property by the 5th of every month.
A Pre-bill report is reviewed and sent to the
Property Manager prior to mailing.
Resident bills are mailed on the same day
every month.
Staff training is provided before the first
billing and whenever requested.  
No hidden fees.
On-line, real-time access to customer accounts and
the ability to post payments and re-print bills when
residents need a copy.
On-line Bill Pay for Resident's convenience and to
increase collection rates.
E-bills - offered as an option, residents can
choose to receive their bill via email.
Fully searchable resident accounts for easy access
by managerial staff.  
Convergent billing available for all types of
charges- Rent, pet charges, parking, internet,
cable, water, trash, electricity, gas, etc.
You choose level of service by AABS - Full Service
with or without collections, or Software Only.
AABS Clients are Satisfied because we GUARANTEE the following:
American Accounting & Billing Service
Full-Service Utility Billing For Municipalities and Apartment Communities