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In order to recover some or all of the rising cost of water, more and more apartments
communities are turning to a billing method known as RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing
System).  There are two reasons why owners are choosing the RUBS method.  One is
that their apartment community only has one meter to measure the entire usage of the
community and there are no individual meters for each unit.  The other reason may be
that a sub-metering system is giving inaccurate readings, and is too costly to repair.  Or,
individual meters are too costly to install, sometimes as much as $250 - $300 per unit.  
A RUBS billing method can be implemented quickly and cost recovery starts within 30
days of the start of the program.  

The RUBS billing method involves a fair allocation of utility cost among residents.  It
can be used to recover water, gas, electricity, trash or any other cost involved in the
operation of a property.  The calculation is based upon one or more factors such as
square footage or number of occupants, along with the total utility bill for the property.  
The charges to the residents will fluctuate as the total property bill changes each
month.   An added benefit of this method is that usage normally decreases when
residents become responsible for their utility bills.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?
    Our "Risk Free Trial" program offers 3 months of billing before signing a contract.  We want you to be sure that you are satisfied with our
    billing services.

What is required to get started?
    We will need a current rent roll and your latest utility bill to set up a RUBS billing system for you.

When will we start to receive utility payments?
    We will reimburse the utility payments within 30 days of the due date of the first bill.  

Who will be responsible for collection of payments?
    You can choose whether you want us to collect or whether you want to collect on-site at your leasing office.

 Is this an easy process?
    Yes, we calculate bills and mail them to your residents via U.S. Mail or electronically via email.  We only require a monthly rent roll to keep
    our records up-to-date.  If you want to collect payments, you will have online access to our software to post payments to the resident's
    account.  Our state-of -the-art software is user-friendly and features easy to read reports for your records.  

 Is this method legal in my state?
    There are only 2 states that do not currently permit RUBS billing; Mississippi and Massachusetts.

 Is there a limit to how much I can charge the resident?
    Yes, legally you cannot charge more than the total community utility bill.

 Does AABS keep a percentage of collections?
    No, we do not keep a percentage of the money we collect.  All collected amounts and late fees are reimbursed to the property, reduced only
    by our service fee.

 When can we get started?
    We can set up your property to start billing within 30 days.  Go to our Request Info page to send us an email with questions about our RUBS
    billing method.
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Common Questions About The RUBS Billing Method
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