In-House Utility Billing Software

...a utility billing solution for apartment communities and municipalities....
For small properties owners and managers, in-house
utility billing is an economical method of rebilling residents
for use of resources such as water, sewer, trash, gas, or

Used by Water Associations, Municipal Governments,
Water Co-ops, Utility Authorities, Mobile Home Parks,
Condominium Complexes, Apartments, Country Clubs,
and Resort Areas, it is a complete solution to metered
and non-metered utilities.
Our low cost, easy-to-use software is fully customizable, supports residential, commercial, municipality, and industrial billing and will handle your
growing customer base.  It can easily handle one community or many communities in a portfolio and can be operated on-site.

Our in-house billing software is web-based and does not require installation costs or training fees.  It can easily handle a RUBS bill back program or
metered utilities.


  • We take the worries out of setting up your community.
  • Preparation of bills takes only minutes per month.
  • Utility costs are distributed fairly among residents.
  • Utility bills and related management reports are easily accessed via the web.
  • Processing move-ins and move-outs is simple.
  • Printing bills is easy and can be accomplished on most common printers.
  • Managers can view bills online before mailing.
  • Residents can view their own account and pay securely online.
  • Easy payment processing        
  • E-bills and auto debit options are available.

What Makes Our Software an Industry Leader?

  • AABS billing software is built on the latest .NET platform, making it accessible from anywhere.
  • Real time web access provides "up to the minute" information online for owners, managers, and residents.
  • Invoices are customizable to suit the needs of a wide variety of clients.
  • Low upfront costs since all you will need is an internet connection and a printer.  
  • Multiple backup systems keep data safe and secure.
  • For only pennies per unit, It takes only a few minutes to process billing for an entire community.

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