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  1. Las Vegas and Surrouding Areas Property Guide
    Understanding the greater Vegas Land and Property market is your first step to selling or buying your house in the Vegas area. is the finest metro las vegas home listings supplying guidance and Success Insights concerning area commercial business properties, homes and condos.

  2. Fireplace and Mantel in Warmer Climates
    Fireplaces have consitently been popular architectural elements in our homes for many years despite modern advances in home heating. Their popularity has trotted south for many decades despite the shortness of the winter season in the southerly climates. Without a doubt the purpose of the fireplace has markedly evolved over the decades. Utility has made way to beauty and form. Due to their popularity woodworkers have become adept at building them for their clients. The hand carved mantel however, is not so common. Thankfully, foreign professional carvers are still plying their enterprise and make available to American markets their artistic gems. For years fireplace mantels have added to the attraction of fireplaces. Authentically hand carved mantels have become, however, uncommon because of the price tag and the challenge of finding an accomplished artisan capable of such an endeavor. There are contemporary technologies capable of machine carving wood, but they are not able to match the artistry of real hand carved wood. Fortunately for consumers in the American market, there are still hand carved mantels that can be purchased within your means. Overseas master carvers still ply their trade and make available to us fireplace mantels suggestive of pieces crafted hundreds of years ago.